AVACLUXE luxury lash vending machine – Have you seen it?

AVACLUXE luxury lash vending machine – Have you seen it?

Ever had a major lash emergency? Hair’s done. Outfit’s done. Makeup is almost done.

Then at the last minute you realized that you don’t have your strip lashes. Oh no!

Makeup look – ruined!

In this tight situation, you have two choices:

Leave your eyes naked and go to your date feeling extremely incomplete without falsies.


Use mascara to add some kind of length and volume to your lashes before your big event (boring!)

As lash lovers who share an equal passion for fab lashes, everyone knows your answer is none of the above.

There’s actually a hidden option #3 – go to the nearest AvaCLuxe Lash Vending Machine and get yourself one or few pairs of new lashes.

“Say whaaat?”

Oh, yes. It’s real and you need to come see it the next time you need new lashes.


AvaCLuxe is a fast-growing lash brand in the USA and we’re here to make your lash shopping a lot easier.

No need to wait for days before your lashes are delivered. No need to go online to buy new pairs. No need to enter your payment and shipping details on the AvaCLuxe website. You can now get all our best selling lash styles through the AvaCLuxe Lash Vending Machine.

Don’t get us wrong. We love having you on our online shop. We just don’t want you to be caught in another lash emergency ever again. We know there are other lash vending machines in the USA, but we know how much you love your AvaCLuxe lashes!

Aside from bringing luxury lashes closer to you, let’s admit it, buying lashes from a vending machine is super fun. It’s like getting your favorite candy bar or your comfort snack – in lash form. There’s something almost therapeutic in the lash vending machine concept, yes?

The idea of having lots and lots of AvaCLuxe lashes in front of you. In pretty styles and different lengths, including the colored lashes, just waiting for you to make a choice and push that magic button to dispense the pair that caught your attention. Love that feeling!


“I want to experience your lash vending machine. Where is it?”

If you’re in Chula Vista, CA and nearby areas – you’re in luck. Our lash vending machine is at Otay Ranch Town Center. It’s inside the food court and always full of our best selling lash styles. Prices start at $10-20. Affordable luxury lashes? We’ve made it possible.

Don’t forget to take a selfie and tag us when you drop by our lash vending machine. We’d love to see your photos and feature you on our page!

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