About Us

AvaCLuxe was founded in San Diego, California by Natalie Luxe. Our mission is to provide you with top quality beauty products. We ensure all our products go through quality control before shipping. We are most known for our luxury eyelash strips. Our lashes are made for stand out lash lovers.

Chula Vista lash dolls can pick lashes up locally at Otay Ranch Town Center Mall. We are located inside of the food court. Our new showroom will be available by appointment only September 2022. 

We pride ourselves on quality and integrity. Thats why customer service is our top priority here at AvaCLuxe. You can reach out to us by email at avacluxecs@gmail.com to be connected with our customer care team. 

You can connect with us on all social media platforms @avacluxe. We are leaders in the beauty industry and continue to put our customers first. We are excited to create the latest lash trends in the lash industry. 


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Setting up your LASH-GAME with AVACLUXE.